If you have extra space in your basement or you want to do basement remodeling, don’t just talk about it. Take action to turn your basement into a home office space. There are other basement remodeling ideas and options that you can consider such as a game room, guest room or even a day care facility. Did you know that refurbishing your basement is essentially more environmentally efficient than doing an addition to your home? Because it is situated underground, it is more insulated and much cooler than the remainder of your home.

The Benefits

If your goal is to create office space, then you need not look further than a basement finishing. The lower level that it presents can be the right location for your home office because of the quietness and separation from in-house activities.

When you have a devoted space in your home to work quietly, it will increase productivity. Be sure to have the right furniture, equipment, lines of communication such as the internet, good lighting and appropriate heating.

What to do?

Before moving into your new home office under the basement, arrange for a personal and professional inspection to ensure that there are no leakages and that all repairs are done. You should also take precautions of having the right basement waterproofing systems in place before installing anything.

Create a plan for the space so that you could have the office on one end and the other area for possibly a meeting space with your clients. Be sure to add a separate entrance for clients in order to secure your privacy. For added coverage against noise, you could hire a contractor to install foam insulation to specific walls. Remember that you have to meet all the building codes and legal guidelines of doing business in a home.

For the ideal outcome, be sure to measure the space before laying furniture and organizing the area. Electrical wiring should be placed strategically to accommodate office equipment such as fax machine, printers, computers and phone. Make sure furniture can fit. In fact, even before you do the electrical wiring, you should plan on where each piece of furniture will fit. Think about the closeness to current electrical outlets, natural lighting and noise.

Other additions

For your convenience, you may also want to think about adding on a kitchen and bathroom. After all, you don’t want to run upstairs every time you want something from the refrigerator or want to use the bathroom. You will have all the amenities you need so that you are not distracted. Moreover, you will be able to offer your clients these amenities also.

It is critical for every home office to have good lighting. You should consider both overhead lighting and wall lighting. Be sure that are a lot of outlets for plug-in lights. If you don’t have enough table space for a lamp, you can try those clamp lamps that allow you to use modifiable task lighting.


Basements may seem out of view, but they do serve some important purposes. A basement remodeling provides you with an outstanding way to utilize space that could be idly sitting there. You have the ability to increase the value of your home by remodeling your basement. In addition, the extra space gives you more flexibility and a higher return on your investment when you sell your home. In the meantime, you should enjoy the use of a modernized basement.

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