Careful planning and consideration has to go into every aspect of a basement remodeling project. You have to plan the placement of walls, materials you’ll use, floor types, lighting, and all fixtures. You also have to know exactly what size and type of furniture will fit in each area of the basement. The ratio of the size of the television you watch compared to the distance at which you watch it should be optimal for proper viewing. Here are five important factors to consider when designing the basement television viewing area.

  1. Furniture Type: What type of furniture will go into your entertainment room? Will you have multiple zones in the basement? Will they each have specific furniture? Consider the theme of the room and your personal tastes before you choose the type of furniture that you will use.
  2. Furniture Size: Choose furniture that fills the room without overpowering the available space. You should still be able to walk comfortably through all of the available spaces throughout the basement while feeling that the rooms are adequately furnished.
  3. Television Type: Projectors are great for an authentic home cinema appeal. You also have the option to use LED, LCD, or Plasma televisions. Mount them on the wall or in a nice entertainment center for effect. Whether you choose to use a projector, LED, LCD, or Plasma television, keep the size in mind.
  4. Television Size: A 50” or 55” television is a great size for the primary TV. Other televisions should adequately fit the room they’re used in without overpowering or seeming too small. We offer a free 50” LCD TV with a minimum purchase. Make sure you ask about that when you call the dealer nearest you – in the link below.
  5. Surround Sound Optimization: The ideal room type for surround sound is perfectly square. Make sure to measure the room to get the perfect placement for each speaker. Sound optimization is extremely important if your plan is to create a true cinema experience in the primary entertainment area.

Basement design is pretty fun when you take your time and really get into it. Take your time during the planning process. Your planning process can take as long as needed to design the perfect basement for your family. Whether you’re planning a single area for yourself or an area that the entire family can enjoy take your time and make it all amazing. Matrix Basement Systems has distributors and dealers in a variety of areas in the northeast. Take a look at our map of distributors and call the one nearest you to discuss remodeling your basement and the various materials available.