Many homeowners across the United States will make the decision to remodel their basement at some point in 2016. Basement remodeling is an interesting project because the basement can become so many different things. Turn it into a blast from your past or dream up a futuristic design and make it happen. Work with a designer or find a contractor who uses our amazing Matrix Basement System products.

  1. Relive Your Glory Days – Create a display case for all of those old trophies, awards, and photos from high school and college. Decorate with authentic posters of your favorite bands from that era.
  2. Ski Lodge – Most ski lodges are luxurious yet rustic. Recreate an amazing ski lodge atmosphere for your own personal relaxation. Consider a wall mural with the view of your favorite slopes or mountain range.
  3. Sports Bar – Recreate your favorite sports bar atmosphere with large TVs, comfortable seating, and an actual wet bar.
  4. Historic – Step back into history every time you step into your basement. Design the entire space, or just a portion of it, with your favorite period in history in mind.
  5. Futuristic – Plan for the future and create a futuristic atmosphere. A variety of lighting, furniture, and artwork would go a long way with this idea. Think The Jetsons meet Tron, for example.
  6. Classic Study – Let’s face it, a traditional study with a large desk and nice seating area is classy. Dress it up as luxurious as you want.
  7. Classic Game Room – Remember all of those arcade games you enjoyed at Pizza Hut, the skating rink, bowling alley, or arcade? Recreate that classic game room feel. Add some of your favorite modern games as well.
  8. Classic Hollywood – Black and white photos of your favorite iconic actresses and actors of all time are just the beginning. You can recreate your own walk of fame in the tile floor and immortalize your favorites. Recreate your favorite scene out of your favorite classic movie, or choose a classic movie to model the entire basement after.
  9. Transitional Design – Also known as Updated Classic, Transitional Design is very classy and provides a modernized twist on classic design.
  10. Ship’s Captain’s Quarters – We all love the idea of sailing away and getting away from it all from time to time. Create your personal captain’s quarters, complete with a hammock.

Feel free to modernize any of the ideas above by adding a docking station or charging station for your electronic devices. We all feel tethered to our electronics at times, but they’re often an essential part of the enjoyment we get out of life as well. Matrix Basement Systems has distributors and dealers in a variety of areas in the northeast. Take a look at our map of distributors and call the one nearest you to discuss remodeling your basement and the various materials available.