Reconsider Your Basement Storage Options with these 5 Storage Ideas

The basement is typically the most unorganized and cluttered storage space in the house, majority of homes have their laundry hook ups down there and all the other important household things like a furnace and hot water tank. This is one area of the house that most people do not take guests into unless you have a finished basement which is why the storage here becomes cluttered and disorganized. That’s where we can help; hopefully these clever ideas will bring organized storage to your basement.

  1. The Cubby System – These systems can be as big as you want or as small as you need, and with the shelves and drawers they make a wonderful organized storage system. Some of the systems even offer drawers which can be labeled with the contents to make for easy location.
  2. Built in Storage – With storage solutions built right into your wall you save floor space and add storage space all in one. This is particularly popular among those homeowners who are looking to finish their basement areas or who are turning those areas into offices or study spaces as well.
  3. Combination Storage Systems – Don’t just settle for one type of storage or another, mix and match, don’t be afraid to combine a few different storage options to create a custom storage system that will work perfectly for your needs.
  4. Wall Shelves – there are many options for wall shelving storage ideas on the market today, you can get shelves in many sizes and styles giving you the freedom to create one of a kind storage areas. Create storage walls that move to expose hidden rooms throughout the basement to provide unique areas for each person in your home.
  5. Avoid Cardboard Boxes – If you are storing boxes of items you might want to switch it up and get clean plastic storage bins with lids and put all of those old cardboard boxes to the recycling bin. There are a few reasons for this change, the first is because the bins are clear you can easily see what is in the bin, and second the bins have lids and are plastic which not only means you can stack them to save floor space but they hold up under different environments and still protect the items inside. This is especially helpful if your basement is prone to dampness.

The materials we use at Matrix Basement Systems are designed to work perfectly in any basement environment. Discuss our products with your contractor and request some information from us. Check out our dealer locator map if you would like to find a Matrix Basement Systems authorized dealer in your area.