Basement Remodeling Ideas – Turn Your Basement into More than Storage

Do you have a basement that you want to use for more than just storing seasonal or sentimental items? Many homeowners use their basement as climate controlled storage, but a nicely designed basement can act as a storage area as well as provide added functionality to your home in a variety of ways. Consider the following basement remodeling options, for example.

The “Man Cave”

This type of basement has become so common that it’s practically part of the American way of life. A man cave is a place for a man to hang out with his friends, or by himself, away from his partner, kids, and pets. It’s often thought of as a room where a group of grown men get together and pretend that they are in college. Man caves are usually sports oriented and feature comfortable chairs and big televisions with a bar area for cold drinks.

The “Woman Cave”

A woman cave is essentially the same thing as a man cave with more style. Women can decorate their cave anyway they want-from sports to games to reading. This is a wonderful place to include things that interest the lady of the house, such as arts and crafts, or her favorite hobby. It could also be her gym, sauna, hot tub, or other form or relaxation away from the worries and responsibilities of the upstairs world.

The Game Room

This is a great idea for people that want to spend time with their kids. A game room doesn't just mean a big TV with video games. A game room can contain board games, card games, pool tables, dart boards, or even a perfect swing golf machine. And of course, if you want to include video games, you can always go retro and pick up some retro arcade games and pinball machines.

The Bar

This is a great basement idea for adults interested in entertaining friends. If you go this route, opt for a wet bar that lets you serve carbonated drinks and don’t skimp on the bar; go for a real wooden one that will last. If you want to get the real feel of a bar, get a couple “Keggorators” that allow you to dispense tap beer.

The Library

With the rise of electronic reading devices, many people believe that books have gone by the wayside. While this is debatable, one thing will never go out of style; the look and feel of a library. And the best part? When you line your walls with bookshelves, you get to read the books you fill them with!

The Exercise Room

Rather than spend money on gym and then make up excuses as to why you can’t go there to workout, purchase some weights and put them in your basement. Don’t have room for racks of weights? Invest in dumbbells with varying weights to get the feel of the gym without taking up space. If you really want to get an extra bang for your buck, add a gym to your existing fun basement and reward yourself with a relaxing drink or nap in your comfortable leather chair.

The Kids Room

This is wonderful for parents with young kids. Set up your basement with a plush carpet that can absorb falls. Then, send your kids down there to play and give yourself a moment of peace upstairs.

Basement Systems

The materials we use at Matrix Basement Systems are designed to work perfectly in any basement environment. Discuss our products with your contractor and request some information from us.