Basements are the perfect space in your home to convert into your own personal sanctuary. Whether you want a game area, an art studio, or a spacious work out area, your basement is the answer. However, basements require proper finishing to make them a safe environment for you to enjoy. With Matrix Basement System’s basement finishing, you'll get just that.

Their basement finishing system gives you peace of mind, and frees you up to turn your basement into the sanctuary you desire. Their finishing system exceeds expectations. It's waterproof, mildew proof, and helps save you money on electricity.

Don't settle for drywall when you can have double-sided wall panels that are 500% stronger. Protect your basement from moisture, mildew, and mold while improving the air quality and lowering your electric bill. What's better than that? 

Not only are the panels effective, they're stylish as well, so they won't clash with your decor. Transform your basement from a boring unused space that's prone to moisture into a stylish basement you enjoy spending time in. Host a game night, create a masterpiece work of art, or get fit in an area that's safe, dry, and easy on the eyes.

If you want to go a step further, consider adding Rockfon ceiling tiles. These tiles add a stylish appearance to your space, while blocking out sound from above. Enjoy your basement area without distraction, or create the perfect space for band practice.

If you're interested in making your basement an area you can enjoy, without the fear of moisture related problems, then please contact us today.