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We chose Matrix to finish about 1000 square feet in our basement because of their great reviews, so I’m motivated to share our experience to help others decide. I will provide the great, good and the few concerns as well. Let’s start with the positives: On time: loved their scheduling, And they stick to the schedule. This was high priority for us. They delivered a great looking basement in two months, just as they promised. Quality people: all the people who came were good people , hard workers, and did a very good job. The carpenters, painters, drywallers etc were outstanding. Project manager: Daniel was our project manager. We thought he was the BEST! He kept everything on schedule, communicated in very timely way, and I trusted him completely. Planning: They are really good at planning the whole process. They deliver supplies on time. Pick up garbage on time. All the contractors show up when they are supposed to. That’s nice! Concerns and Issues: Sales process: Didn’t like the sales process. It’s vague. In many ways you don’t know what you’re getting. I felt that they don’t share some things because they want to save money. I didn’t feel we got the full disclosure always. This happened with a stair nosing issue. A manager at Matrix told me emphatically that there were no other options for stair nosing that is flush to the floor. I called the manufacturer and learned that they indeed had such an option. Matrix ended up putting in the flush version for a stair nose which I HIGHLY recommend for all to choose vs. their standard stair strip that is 3/8ths inches height, unsightly and unsafe. Too many gray areas: in general, it’s tough to determine the details, some of which are very important. A couple examples: when in installing the floor for the stairs, there was a small, unsightly gap at the end of each stair. I expected it to be filled with a thin caulking line. Matrix said no. I’d have to pay more for this service. Matrix eventually agreed to do the caulking as part of the normal job. All in all, I’d grade the end product an A+. We have a beautiful basement. I’d grade their management system as OK, but I wish there was more clarity on some of the details. But in a big project like ours, it’s hard to imagine everything being 100% clear. I would advise anyone to ask, ask, ask all the questions no matter how trivial and make sure they are in the contract. We only had a few hiccups, so we’re very happy with Matrix and highly recommend them.

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