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Macomb Finished Basement Office

If you don’t have a home office space already, it is time to get one. Where else can you find the privacy to work on essential projects? Or store important papers and work materials? 

Matrix Basement Systems understands that homeowners may be short on available rooms to turn into an office. However, there is one area of the home that is more than large enough. Consider allowing us to transform your unfinished basement into an office space. We use only top-of-the-line building materials and well-trained contractors who provide quality workmanship. Your new office space will be as stylish as it is functional.

Basement Office Ideas for Finished Basements

As the largest basement remodeling company in the US, Matrix Basement Systems has resolved many challenges for our customers. We are more than able to turn the bland, gray space into a beautiful basement office. In fact, we’ve completed over 4,000 finished basements for our customers in our time.

When you reach out to us about those home office ideas, you’ll find that we have many options available for different materials and features of the room. Allow our team to go over the selections for your:

Basement Flooring

Matrix Basement Systems offers a high-end subflooring with a moisture and thermal barrier. Over this, we can install your choice of plush, stain-proof carpet, or easy-to-clean hardwood floors.

Ceiling Tiles

No basement remodel is complete without doing something about those visible floor joists above. We have durable, attractive ceiling tiles in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors to finish your space.

Basement Wall System

From open concept to cozy rooms, no matter what basement office ideas you have in mind, our Matrix Forever Wall System will keep the walls smooth, bright, and moisture-free. Our own system is also exceptionally durable and energy efficient.

Learn More About Our Basement Office Remodels in Macomb

If you are still hesitating about your basement office remodel because of the cost, stop now! While the cost of refinishing the basement in Macomb varies depending on what each homeowner wants for their office and the size of the space, Matrix Basement Systems strives to keep things affordable. 

We’ll start you off with a free cost estimate for your basement office and be happy to help with the design process during a no-obligation consultation. Simply call us or fill out our online form to make your appointment.