4 Ways to Add Natural Light to the Basement

The basement is an important part of any home design. Most homeowners choose to finish their basement in the classiest of fashion as it is a place where most people love to enjoy privacy and home life after a long hectic day. Basements, however, can be dark, so a lot of people are looking to add natural light to brighten the area up instead of installing more artificial lighting. Here are four great ideas you can use to add natural light in the basement.

Install a solar Tube

Another good idea is to add solar tubes to bring natural light in the house. These are placed on the roof and then, a series of mirrors will help the light to travel to the end of the tube. You can easily choose a design that will lead to the basement to shine light on the dark corners of the room. Solar tubes are great for bringing in light to the areas where it isn’t practical or possible to install a window.

Open the Floor Plan

You can design the layout of your basement in order to allow the light to come in and travel from area to area. You should try to avoid building too many walls in order to consider the location of the window. Try to place the furniture in the same way as well by preventing the light flow from getting blocked. Place tall bookshelves or other big pieces of furniture in areas where they don’t block the light that you’re trying to enhance.

Add a Glass Door

Another brilliant idea is to add light to your basement. You can add more sunlight by installing a glass door. The door will provide extra and additional natural light from the outside. French or Garden doors will increase the flow of sunlight and help light up your basement as well.

Hang Mirrors

Hanging mirrors in the basement can redirect light from area to area. However, it is important that you be strategic when you hang them and think about the angles. Draw a mental line from the light source and see how the light will bounce. If you have a tough time visualizing the light, you can easily shine a flashlight at the mirror. Mirrors only enhance natural lighting if you have a good source of light, they do not produce light.

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