5 Incredible Ideas for Egress Window Wells in Your Basement

Egress window wells are great features for a home, particularly because they offer your basement a rare look into the outside world. They also double as great daytime natural lighting. They are not only intrinsic safety features, but great decorative opportunities as well. Decorating your window well can heighten the aesthetic value of your entire home, and with these helpful tips, you’ll be sure to have the neighbors turning their heads.

  1. Landscaping: A great way to bring attention to an egress window well is to landscape around it. The landscaping surrounding your window well doesn’t have to be flat and plain, but can actually be ornate and decorated with beautiful steps. For extra effect, place beautiful plants along the steps however you please.
  2. Window Well Diorama: Although this doesn’t particularly pertain to egress window wells that one would use as an emergency exit, dioramas are great for window wells that are simply not being utilized. At times, these types of window wells can be unsightly, and as a consequence, window well dioramas have become a sort of art form. All you have to do is create a backdrop, or stage of sorts, decorating the window however you please from the interior.
  3. Hang Plants: If your egress window well has a covering above it, you can hang plants from above, making for a great awning that provides not only shade, but also allows the aroma of blossoming flowers to fill your basement. This idea offers you the chance to enjoy the outside without dealing with inclement weather.
  4. Create a Garden: Speaking of enjoying the outside, a great way to do that is to build your own little Eden outside your egress window well. You can do this, firstly, by landscaping outside of the area, and then instead of filling the steps with hard blocks, you can simply embed dirt and live plants. Create your own little herb or vegetable garden.
  5. Design a Terrace: Get creative and build a hybrid of terrace and garden. This would be an area that is not only nice to look at, but a relaxing spot to sit as well. Start by installing a very large egress window and window well. Make sure it is well protected against the weather by installing a window well cover, and add your favorite bistro set or other decor.

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