Finished Basement Designs

For homeowners that love to entertain, one of the most exciting ways to prepare the home for guests is with a basement transformation designed especially for socializing. The kitchen and living room areas aren’t always ideal for hosting guests, and a basement renovation can really add life to your gatherings—especially if it’s created with the holiday spirit as an inspiration.

While basement media room transformations have always been fashionable, using the space for entertaining a large party of guests is an idea that is rapidly growing in popularity. Imagine having a designated area that’s out of the way and set up just for your holiday celebrations—with convenient and useful features designed to optimize the time you spend with friends and family and for keeping your gatherings under control.

Whether you love throwing costume parties for Halloween or family reunions for Christmas or Hanukkah, a basement transformation can help to make your holidays more special than ever before. In this article, our experts at Matrix Basement Systems share our best holiday-inspired basement renovation ideas that will improve the way you live while enhancing the value of your home.

Celebrate in Style

Basement Bar

One of the most luxurious transformations homeowners choose when renovating their basements is a home theater area. There’s no doubt that this is one of the best ways to utilize the space.

In fact, basement home theater projects are one of our favorite renovations to take on at Matrix Basement Systems. Our team is always eager to help our customers create the perfect design and layout that suits their needs, preferences, and personal style.

For homeowners that love the holiday season, creating a space that goes above and beyond a basic home theater basement—and that pays respect to the most wonderful days of the year can be truly magical. Here are some of our favorite basement media room ideas for celebrating holidays in style:

  • Play Area 
    The basement can become an incredible play area for children during holiday gatherings—keeping them safe and out of the way of the more adult gatherings happening upstairs. Think about creating a layout for games, a television, a Wii or other video game consoles, toys, books, or a crafts table (if you’re willing to clean). Focus on infusing the space with added safety and security measures for the little ones—like rounded corners, slip-proof flooring, and barred windows.

  • A Bar Area
    On the flip side, you can also consider confining the adults to the basement, leaving the area above free for non-alcoholic fun. A basement bar is a wonderful way to entertain guests that drink. A great idea is to add soundproof walls, windows, and doors to let guests at the bar and those upstairs enjoy their evening without worrying about the noise.

  • Kitchen
    If you or your immediate family love to cook or believe food is an essential aspect of any party, then consider installing a second kitchen in your transformed basement. Because everyone tends to congregate around the kitchen, confining the food area to space below can be a great way to keep your home more organized during gatherings.


Halloween Movies in Home Theaters

There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than in the comfort of a basement home theater. After all, no Halloween celebration is complete without some serious scary movie-watching with friends and family. If you have kids or are into fun more than scares, then consider classics such as Hocus Pocus or Hotel Transylvania, and gather everyone into the basement for an amazing movie night.

Here are some other ideas that you can use to celebrate Halloween in your basement:

Decorative Accents: Decorate your basement with jack-o-lanterns or hang bats/spiders from the ceiling. If you’re really into this holiday, consider turning your basement into a dungeon-like space or a haunted house for your costume parties. You can also put out tables and chairs for the little ones to carve pumpkins—a messy activity that is best contained in one easy-to-clean space.

Lighting and Special Effects: It’s just not Halloween season without setting the mood with lighting and special effects. Some easy ways to set the mood include fire torch-themed light covers and black lights. For extra credit, be sure to rent a fog machine and lights that can stimulate lightning for the big party.


Home Theater for Football

If you’re having dinner upstairs, you can use the basement as a viewing room for those interested in watching Thanksgiving football games. You can also send the kids down to the basement to watch Thanksgiving-themed movies, like Free Birds or Turkey Hollow.


Christmas Movies in Home Theater

There are numerous Christmas movies and Christmas specials to watch in your basement media room. We recommend partaking in the classics such as The Santa Clause or A Christmas Story. However, you can’t really go wrong with any Christmas themed movie you choose.

When it comes to decorating your basement for Christmas, the sky’s the limit. Turn your basement into a beautiful, cozy winter wonderland with these great ideas:

  • Decorative Accents
    String tinsel across the ceilings, hang stockings (especially if you invested in a basement fireplace), and by all means, put in a Christmas tree. Depending on how festive you feel, you may want to place figures like a Rudolph, Santa, or elves throughout the room.

  • Lighting
    Christmas is all about the lights. String lights throughout the room, over the bar, and anywhere else you can.

Enjoy the Holidays with Matrix Basement Systems

At Matrix Basement Systems, our team of expert contractors can help you turn your basement into a luxurious space that’s perfect for entertaining guests, working out, meeting with clients, or anything else. Our team has the skills and experience necessary to bring whatever you can dream up into reality.

Ready to transform your basement into a beautiful space in time for the upcoming holiday season? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional basement renovation services or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.