Basement Bedroom

As a homeowner with a basement, you know just how much potential living space can get wasted in this otherwise dark and rarely frequented room. Basements were originally designed to be underground storage spaces for food, water and wine. However, these days, they are usually used for accessing pipes, doing laundry, or storing unused items. In fact, homes rarely come with finished basements when they are first built.

One of the best ways to make use of this space is to turn your basement into a bedroom suite for guests. This means making use of unused space and allows guests to have their own living quarters anytime that they visit. 

Matrix Basement Systems, a basement remodeling company, can help add an extra bedroom in the basement of your home. Let’s take a look at a few ideas to help you get excited about building a beautiful basement bedroom suite in your home.

Brighten it Up

Since most basements are known for being a dark and humid places, many people choose to brighten the space up with windows, bright lights, and white walls. This gives the space a great modern look that will make you forget that it was ever a basement. Utilize white or lightly colored paints on the walls with plenty of LED lighting to brighten up the space. In some cases, you can even add hopper or awning windows along the walls to help natural light stream in and to allow for better ventilation.

A Cozy Theme

If you want a more cozy theme for your basement, you may want to go for natural wood furniture and more neutral color tones. This can help to provide your guests with a great place to unwind after a long road trip and help them feel at home. You could also look at incorporating some family photos if you expect certain family members to be using the room more often.

Get Colorful & Creative

Another route you can take for a more fun look is to stray away from basic earth tones while getting creative with the furniture. Bright colors can help to give the space its own character and provide a unique experience for anyone who stays in the room. It can also be great for using it as a playroom for younger kids as well.

For the Kids

If the majority of your guests who will be using the room have kids,  you may look at having it built to accommodate younger guests. Building in play areas, bunk beds, a gaming and entertainment area and other kid-friendly features will help families feel more welcome and can keep kids comfortable when staying away from home. This is also a great idea if your kids have friends who stay over as it can be a place to host sleepovers for any size group.

Create a Studio Feel

Lastly, you can use your basement to create a studio apartment. This is perfect for older kids and young adults visiting home from college, or if you decide to rent out your basement to a tenant. Creating the space is easy as you will keep the essentials as the focus such as a bed, desk area, and perhaps a bookshelf to mimic a small living space. If your budget and the size of the basement allow, you can even add in a kitchenette.

Basement Bedroom Remodeling In Illinois 

As the nation’s largest basement remodeling company, Matrix Basement Systems is the leader in transforming basements into beautiful living spaces. Not only are we the largest basement remodeling company in the country, we’re also ranked 17th nationally among home remodeling companies by Remodeling Magazine. 

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